Pink and Apricot Feminine Scrapbook  Collage Business Mother's Day Landscape Flat Card

Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate our Mamas! Mamas come in all forms – biological mamas, step mamas, grandmamas, our friend’s mama, our neighbor who treats us like they are our mama, mentors in school and work who guide us like mamas, and that random stranger who offers a hand when you are having a *moment* - just like a mama would.

All of us at our core just want to be loved, and that’s why God created Mamas. Mamas give us unconditional love in their soft kisses and guided teachings. Even the good old fashioned stern lectures only a mama can give comes straight from the heart. They pour out their soul so we can be better people.

I’ve asked some friends and did some digging on the interweb to see what Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day. (Please don’t buy her a cookbook unless you were specifically asked…) My research shows moms want a break! They want to sleep in or take a nap, they want a spa day where they can get pampered, and they want a clean house.

Pamper herBelle La Vie Salon & Spa is ready for you to call and schedule a “Queen for a Day” spa package that will bring out the royalty in the woman you celebrate as Mom! They have this and many other packages to choose from!

Spoil herA Green Maid uses enviro-friendly products to bring a fresh shine to bathrooms, floors and everything in between! Help Mama out and buy her the full treatment so she can put her feet up, and maybe even take that nap! 

Indulge herCharlie’s Mini Donuts & Coffee is the first place I thought of when I typed the word indulge. It is a sweet lovers heaven because their offerings are *mini* meaning you can eat that many more! And with their 24 flavors, Mama is going to want to try a bite of each… 

Let us know if you celebrated your Mama with these Lakeland businesses, or other local places! The entrepreneurs behind the logos appreciate your patronage more than you know!

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