Ekim's Place Blog - What the heck is Ekim's Place

Hello and welcome to Ekim’s Place! What the heck is Ekim’s Place, you ask? Well, pull up an ear and I’ll give you all the deets.

Ekim’s Place is an online directory of small businesses in Lakeland, FL – but this is NOT your ordinary address and phone number directory!

Click on the Local Directory and search by Category. Pick a Business to click on and be directed to a Business Page or a Business Ad. The Business Page features an in depth look at the business, the owner(s), and their products/services, while the Business Ad gives you a trimmed down overview of the Business. Both will give you contact info and link directly to their website!

The point of Ekim’s Place is to highlight Lakeland's entrepreneurs and their businesses without the shadow of Big Box Corporations hanging overhead. Why? Because Consumers WANT to shop local, especially Lakelanders. “Supportive” is a word often used to describe our City and its citizens. We have always looked out for each other and COVID has brought a new urgency to supporting our small businesses.

However, finding local businesses is not always easy when you are living your best life. Ekim’s Place is here to give the consumer a space to easily find what they are looking for. All the while we give a unique space to entrepreneurs to highlight their business, what they sell, and what makes them special. Some of them may be your friends, and all of them are your neighbors!

Peek around, maybe find some familiar faces, and DISCOVER something new!

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