Good Thyme - A Review

Good Thyme is one of those places that you find and you wonder why you never knew about them?

I wrote a review of D’Lucas for Lkldnow two and a half years ago, which is in the same location. When they closed, I assumed this location in the alley behind Dixieland Mall was doomed, as there have been a handful who tried before. But - lo and behold, there’s a business that has managed to gain a foothold in this cute bungalow.

When I first looked at the menu, I was afraid it was going to be too much *healthy stuff* meaning dry and flavorless sprouts. I’m all about *healthy stuff*; I like the taste of grilled over fried, I love fresh veggies, and made from scratch sauces and breads. However, I know its not too often you find a place that knows how to make good, fresh, homemade dishes that actually taste good.

My first visit I ordered the Breakfast Burrito and my little one ordered a Biscuit with Blackberry Jam. Can we all have a moment of silence for the genius that went into to creating this burrito? …..

The tightly wrapped flour tortilla is hiding the boom of flavor inside. My first bite had a little bit of everything in it – which is the first sign something genius is going on… First there’s chorizo (made in house!) that’s thick and perfectly savory. The pickled onion smacks you right in the back of the mouth and perfectly balances the whole thing as you are still just beginning to taste the roasted potatoes and fresh hot spinach. I noticed the cheese and egg last because they didn’t overload it with either. I definitely wouldn’t describe it as an egg burrito. They added just enough to compliment the chorizo and veggies taking center stage. (I ordered it without avocado but it normally comes with it.) I was so in love with this burrito that I thought about it for 24 hours until I was back and ordering it a second time.

Every time we visit Good Thyme we order at least one biscuit, and usually extra to take home. They are buttery and soft on the inside and crisp but not dry on the outside. You have your choice of blackberry or strawberry jam made in house! It’s perfectly sweet while maintaining the tart of the fruit. You can also choose FL honey, honey butter, sun butter or cream gravy. It took a while for me to try the gravy; I usually just took bites of my daughter’s biscuit and jam while she wasn’t looking. For research purposes though, I knew I had to taste it. It is a white gravy but there is no sausage. Its creamy and light with a hint of savory flavor. It’s the most comforting taste to go with the most comforting biscuit.

They serve breakfast until 10:00, when they switch to the “In-Between” menu until 11:00 am. From 11:00 to 3:00 pm they serve lunch.

The first time we were late and arrived after 10:00 am, I had to try the Chicken Salad Wrap. This wrap contains a genius similar to their Breakfast Burrito. The chicken salad takes up most of the space and is flavored with craisins and sunflower seeds. It sits on a bed of Good Thyme greens that includes spinach, arugula, marinated & thinly sliced white onions, grilled chopped pineapples, diced cucumber, cherry tomatoes and finished with a balsamic glaze. The chicken salad is topped with pickled carrots. Yes, pickled carrots. Don’t judge an ingredient by its name. All of this wrapped in a flour tortilla somehow works so well. Its light enough for a late breakfast but filling enough to make you take a stretch afterwards.

I’ve also ordered the Yogurt & Granola on the In-Between time menu. It is a generous amount of house made Greek yogurt that fills the bottom of the container as a base for the toppings arranged in straight lines like a cobb salad. First there is granola (you guessed it, made in-house) consisting of different oats, followed by thinly sliced green apples, a spread of blackberry jam, sliced strawberries, and finished off with a sprinkling of chia seeds and a drizzle of FL honey.

I haven’t frequented for lunch because its nap time at my house, however I took my mom one day and we ordered the Fried Chicken sandwich with sweet-heat pickles, the Pork Tacos with crispy carnitas (House made, of course) and fresh toppings in corn tortillas, the BLT with an addictive red pepper mayo, and a big salad. Also - just yesterday we arrived right at noon and we quickly realized they were no longer serving the biscuits for my three-year-old. However, the cashier said, they did have strawberry shortcake made with their biscuits from the morning. Sold! Crumbled biscuits, fresh sliced strawberries and generous dollops of scratch made whipped cream all in a bowl - like a motley of summertime goodness. Needless to say she devoured it and I only got a couple spoonfuls. I tried their other special of the day - Shrimp Tacos. I love shrimp tacos, and these are definitely up there with the best ever made. The small corn tortillas held a mound of filling – plump grilled shrimp, grilled pineapple, shredded purple and green cabbage, fresh cilantro, fresh sliced jalapenos, and this umami type sauce that everything was soaking in. It comes with three tacos, so just go ahead an accept the sticky hands and face until you have taken your last bite. You might not look that sophisticated but the flavors in your mouth will be exploding like it was made by a 5-star chef. Ignore the stares and enjoy every second of it.

Good Thyme has taken the concept of fresh, healthy food and has successfully made incredible tasting dishes that appeals to everyone in my family. Their staff is always friendly, and one young lady even goes out of her way to greet us and compliment my toddler on her cute hat/sunglasses/dress combo that day. I’m so happy to see this location thriving as a healthy alternative to the fast-food corporations that dot our town. I wish them many years of continued success because I don’t think I can live without their burritos.