Single Moms Community Program at One More Child

About Single Moms Community Program at Florida Baptist Children’s Home + One More Child

Florida Baptist Children’s Home + One More Child’s mission statement is to provide Christ-centered services to vulnerable children and struggling families. They are committed to helping both locally and globally. In their words, “It’s simple, really: Love Changes Lives.” They fulfill their mission in a multitude of ways by serving Foster children, Trafficked children, Hungry children, Single Moms, and Struggling families.

The Single Moms Community Program at One More Child serves single-mom families in crisis. They have created a “network of care, guidance and support in local communities… providing skills classes, mentorship and resources, all designed to help single mothers and their children thrive.” Not only do they provide housing at various campus locations, but they also aspire to help moms off campus who feel “powerless, alone and desperately in need of God’s hope.” I know from personal experience how critical and valuable the work they do is in the day to day lives of these women. Action in faith is powerful, and this organization proves it every day.

The empowerment they give these women is crucial. They even choose to call them “BRAVE moms”. *I’m not crying you’re crying*

Why this Outreach

When we started our business, we agreed we wanted to give back to the community in some way. After looking into the many non-profits working to help Lakelanders, we discovered the need is great! From Veterans, to education, to homelessness, to mental health, we were honestly overwhelmed. Our Community Outreach Directory lists non-profits who directly help the people of some way in Lakeland. (*If you are a non-profit who serves Lakeland, please visit Our Services page to find out how quick and easy it is to add your organization to our directory! Plus, its FREE!) The Community Outreach page also highlights one non-profit, who we call the SPOTLIGHT! We find a specific need the non-profit is trying to raise money for, and we put a SPOTLIGHT on them! 

Our first SPOTLIGHT was the Free Teacher Market at Polk Education Foundation. This market is a place filled with school supplies FREE of charge to teachers in Polk County. They can find paper, pencils, backpacks, and more to “Help Erase the Need” in their classrooms, without paying out of pocket themselves, which is too often the case. We sold T-Shirts to help raise money and were able to contribute $340 (which was matched by an anonymous donor!!). While this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, we were grateful to the community we are building for supporting this cause. Every dollar counts, and this year the teachers were able to shop in person again! Susan Copeland, Polk Education Foundation’s Director, was awesome to work with, and expressed her gratitude on behalf of all the teachers. 

Choosing our next SPOTLIGHT was a no brainer for us. My good friend mentioned to me years ago that she buys toys, clothes, and baby supplies for her local children’s home and donates to them once a month. Since then, I started bringing all my old baby clothes, leftover diapers and formula, and other baby supplies to One More Child at Florida Baptist Children’s Home. 

When I looked more into this organization, I found they were much more than a children’s home. To my delight, I found they have a specific program for Single Moms. I was a single mom for over 5 years. I witnessed first-hand how hard it was to survive day to day. Not only are you the only one at the house to make dinner, clean, help with homework, give baths, etc., you are also the only one paying the bills. Society does not cater to single mom schedules, nor does it pay women the same wage as their male equal. She has to figure out how to feed and care for her kids, as well as pay the bills to keep a roof over their head, food in their belly, and gas in the car, all the while trying to maintain a happy psyche for her kids’ emotional well-being. I was lucky to have a lot of support from my family and friends, but it still fell on me to make it work each day. I promised to help single moms if I ever made it out of my poverty. It’s been ten years since I was forced onto the Single Mom journey, and I am blessed and grateful to now be able to give back. 

When I contacted One More Child to inquire about a specific need we could fill in the Single Moms Community Program, they told me they have an Operation Merry Christmas where they collect gifts for each of their programs, and they had a list for the Single Moms Program! I was very excited to hear this. You see, the first year I was a single mom, I had an angel who I barely knew give me over thirty gifts for my two children. They came all wrapped, and even included two stockings stuffed with goodies. Without her generosity, we would have had a meager Christmas. I have never forgotten this. I am so happy the Universe has brought me full circle and is now giving me an opportunity to pay that generosity forward.

How to Participate

It’s easy! Click here here to go directly to our SPOTLIGHT page where you can learn more about this organization, as well as donate directly. All the processing fees are covered by Ekim’s Place, so the full amount of your donation will go to buying gifts. Every. Single. Dollar. Counts. 

Donation Drop-Off

You can also buy one of the gifts on the list! Click here to go directly to the SPOTLIGHT page to view the 4 lists: Newborns to 4yrs; 5yrs to 9yrs; 10yrs to 14 yrs; 15yrs to 18yrs. Purchase a gift listed, and then drop it off, unwrapped at one of two locations in Lakeland:

Bungalow Boutique & Gifts – 1026 S FL Ave

Scout & Tag – 224 N Kentucky Ave.


We will be picking up the gifts on December 20 so be sure to have them in first thing in the morning on Monday, December 20, or by December 19 just to be safe! Donations are cut off at twelve noon on December 20 so we can purchase the toys still needed on the lists.

Thank you!

Thank you for caring. If this fundraiser pulls on your heartstrings the way it does ours, we encourage you to support however you can. Remember, every single dollar, and gift, counts. Help us get to 98 gifts!

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