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**(As with all skin care routines, use new products with caution and seek your dermatologist’s advice.)

My skincare routine has always been minimalist. The heat in Florida made it hard for me to want a face full of makeup. At the same time, I was always going in a pool or to the beach. I’d wash my face with Neutrogena, slather on sunscreen, swipe on some mascara and I was set.

Now that my thirties are over **sob**, I’ve become more serious about my skincare. I religiously wash and moisturize my face, as well as apply a 35 SPF every day. For makeup I use blush and eye make-up, but during the summer, I feel like it all just slides off as soon as I step outside!

I did some research and found your skincare routine should be able to handle all seasons, but when dealing with extreme temperatures, a little maneuvering is imperative. I think we can all agree that the Florida summer heat is EXTREME.

As I read article after article, they all seemed to agree on a handful of things that I’ve summarized below.

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SPF! - The number one thing on all the lists is SPF! Even if you are just going from your house to your car to the office, even if its cloudy, you still need SPF! Every day!! Did I use enough exclamation points to convince you?!!!!

Drink water – All Floridians know to keep hydrated in the summer, but I never realized it is good for my face, too. Drinking enough water is the foundation for the skin care treatments to work. During the summer, the body needs extra water to replace all the extra sweat. Talk to your doctor about the specific amount your body needs per day. Get yourself a reusable water bottle you love and take it everywhere you go.

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Cleanser – The first step of your routine starts with a cleanser. For the summer months, your cleanser should be a foaming cleanser instead of a cream-based cleanser. The heat brings sweat which brings more oil, which means clogged pores. Also, like a kick while you are down, the heat causes your pores to dilate, making them better suited to suck up even more filth. Switch to a foam cleanser because it is airy and better able to clean the pores without adding a heavy cream feeling.

Vitamin C Serum – I recently added this to my routine. I do it about 3 times a week, because I was afraid to use too much in the summer. According to my research, though, I’m dead wrong. They say you should use this product every day in the summer. Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist, stated, “Vitamin C sucks up the free radicals that can lead to aging and skin cancer caused by ultraviolet light.” UV rays are stronger in the summer so using the Vitamin C every day is a no-brainer. The experts also inform us that the Vitamin C works best on exfoliated skin, which brings me to the next point.

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Exfoliation – This fancy word simply means to scrub off the dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, glowing skin underneath. During the summer months, the sun and sweat creates lots of surface oil, dirt, and dead skin. Exfoliating your skin more often is key to helping keep your skin healthy. Coffee grounds, yogurt, oats, strawberries, honey, cinnamon, and even tomatoes are all options to exfoliate at home. You can also use alpha-hydroxy acid-soaked pads. This exfoliates and soothes the skin, all in one step.

Cool Water – Keep your showers short and cool. The excessive heat of the summer stresses out your already scorched skin, sometimes causing eczema and inflammation. Give your body and your face some relief by quickly showering off with cooler water.

Make-Up – Unless I’m going out (these days that means going to dinner), I usually stick to mascara in the summer. But it’s hot even at dinner time, so I continued my research into what type of make-up works best in the Florida heat. The experts suggest using a makeup with non-pore clogging ingredients that are lighter weight like “powder SPF or a lightweight foundation.” Referred to as “noncomedogenic,” there are several options out there for powder, foundation, blush, and bronzer. This make-up doesn’t clog your pores, and it also feels light. You can step into 95% humidity without worrying about your make-up sliding off your face and onto your cute sandals.

SPF! – Yes, I’m mentioning it again because SPF is useless if you don’t continue to use it all day. Apply SPF every 2 hours – look for a lightweight one mixed with a moisturizer. When you combine these products, you keep your face protected while keeping it hydrated. You can also add a spritz toner to help your skin balance itself during the day. Spray it prior to applying your SPF Moisturizer. Also, if you are going to be in the direct sun, I highly recommend wearing a hat.

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Mask – Sometimes our best efforts aren’t enough, and we end up getting too much sun. If this happens, try a cream or a gel mask. Choose one with hyaluronic acid to help treat burns, or one with cucumber, mushrooms, papaya, yogurt, or watermelon to help soothe irritated skin. Aloe vera is still the ultimate sunburn treater, as it is 99% water and has super anti-inflammatory properties.

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