Summer Wardrobe Staples for Lakeland Living

Summer is in full swing and vacay vibes are rocking! I am not a woman who has a closet busting open with clothes, but 95% of my clothes are for hot weather. (When winter comes, I am the person with a big sweatshirt, fuzzy socks and knit hat – none of which match – just trying to get through the cold, patiently waiting for the Florida sun to warm my shivering bones.)

Summertime fashion gives us a chance to wear the cute coverup by the pool, the new sarong in bright pink, the fun new sun hat, and of course, flip flops! With this in mind, I’ve put together my top three Summer Wardrobe Staples for Lakeland Living!

#1 - Flip Flops - As a Florida native, I don’t think there has been a time in my life I haven’t had flip flops. Except one time, when I was six years old, I had a pair of clear jellies that made me feel like a celebrity! The silver sparkles made them feel so fancy and I knew everyone was looking as I walked through Publix wearing them for the first time! I wonder if they still sell clear jellies with silver sparkles… Flip flops are easy to slip on, keep your feet cool, and are for the most part waterproof. When you get caught in the rain, the right pair of flip flops will help you get to shelter. This is the reason why flip flops are the first item on my list of Summer Wardrobe Staples!

#2 – Tank Tops - Even though I am a minimalist with clothes, I have somehow managed to collect 15 tank tops. I don’t have 15 of anything! Which is why tank tops come as the number two thing on my summer wardrobe staples list. When the sun is blazing, slap some sunscreen on your arms and choose just the right tank for the day. You will stay cooler, especially in the shade when the breeze hits.

#3 - Summer Dress - My number three staple for summer is the summer dress. You can choose from an almost endless list of styles, including a denim shirt-style dress, a short chiffon sundress, or my personal favorite, a long maxi dress. The summer dress’s most attractive quality is you don’t have to wear pants. The perfect dress makes you feel cool and carefree, and it has pockets!

If you are looking to freshen up your summer wardrobe, check out two boutiques in Lakeland that are here to serve you! They both offer their take on the cutest summertime clothes that will wake up your closet and help give you that pow of fun this summer!

Bungalow Boutique & Gifts offers “confident, comfortable and chic” women's clothing and accessories for all occasions! They are located at 1026 S. FL Ave, Lakeland and are open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 5pm; closed Sunday.

Main & Monroe is an online shop designed for the busy, working woman! They have been coined "Cozy Mom Vibe." They do not have a brick and mortar, but you can find them online at your convenience!

What are some of your summer wardrobe staples?

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