What does ‘Ekim’s Place’ mean?

“What’s in a name?” This famous quote by Shakespeare suggests that names themselves hold no value but are simply a label. What counts is the worth of the individual or object described by the name. What counts is what’s on the inside. *dewy eye alert*

Mike and I are entrepreneurs at our cores. We have always wanted to start a business, and Mike always wanted to name his business Ekim’s. In fact, it was the name of the restaurant we wanted to open. Ekim’s Northeast Style Cheese Steaks & Subs was our dream once-upon a time, and it held an important role in our love for small businesses. It still does - who knows if we will have a new eatery around town!

So where did he get Ekim’s? The answer is simple once you hear it. Ekim is Mike backwards.

Mike is one of the most popular names, so he flipped it on its head. Shakespeare says a name is just a label, so our label is purposely unique, short and recognizable. We want you to remember us and come look at all the goodness we have on the inside.

We added Place because we want to be a hub of information for consumers wanting to find local businesses, community organizations, sales, new shops, and of course good food made right here in Lakeland! We want you to know you’ve come to the right place!

What about you, Lakeland? What made you choose YOUR business name?

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