What gifts do Lakeland Dads want for Father’s Day?

When I was 16, a group of families got together and took all the Dads to dinner for Father’s Day. As we were driving, one of my friend’s dad saw a man mowing his grass and he said, “Lucky bast*rd.” I looked at him and asked, “Why?” He said, “Because he is mowing his grass in peace and no one is making him go to dinner.”

I never forgot that, and so when Mike’s answer to what he wanted for Father’s Day was a new water bottle, peace, and snuggles, I completely understood.

Dads are a special lot. They bend over backwards (sometimes literally!) to make sure everyone in their family is happy. What do you get a man who lives for his family when all he wants is peace? You give him that peace.

I sat down and planned out a perfect day filled with little gifts, moments of peace, and lots of love.

Coffee – Mike makes the coffee every morning, but not on Father’s Day. I’ll make the coffee the night before, and I’ll switch out the normal stuff with a fresh bag of Concord Coffee for a little sophistication. 

Breakfast – While he is enjoying his coffee and watching cartoons with Mikayla, I’ll make his favorite breakfast of bacon and eggs with a slice of Honeycomb Bread Bakers’ Country Sourdough slathered in avocado butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Have you ever tried Honeycomb’s bread? I’ll be making a slice for me, too. 

Nursery – Mike loves gardening, but all the nurseries are closed on Sunday. Simple solution - I’ll give him time the day before to go to The Nursery Landscape & Garden Center and pick out whatever he wants. On Sunday, he will have all his treats from the nursery, and he can go outside and enjoy his garden.

Quiet time – Mikayla is strapped to Mike’s leg on the weekends, and he is wrapped right around her pinky. They basically do everything together. To give him a bit of quiet time, I’ll take her to Peterson Park to run off some energy. We will get back just in time for lunch, followed by a nap. Mike isn’t a napper, but he loves his work. While the three-nager is off playing and then later naps, Mike will enjoy the peace and get some work done.

Dinner – I will prepare and serve one of his favorite meals – a fat Ribeye, gold potatoes and purple cauliflower. I’ve never prepared the Ribeye all by myself… I am accepting any and all good vibes and encouragement!

Bath – Mike gives Mikayla a bath every night, so I will volunteer as tribute on Father’s Day.

End of the Day – Once Mikayla is tucked in, I’ll lay Mike on the floor and give him a full body massage using Hempz Original Herb Body Moisturizer bought at Swan City Hair. This should help bring him to a state of peaceful relaxation – a perfect ending to a perfect day! 

I hope this Father’s Day schedule helps inspire you to find the perfect gifts and things to do for the Dad in your life! Customize it to his tastes and wants and help him find a small slice of peace. As you plan, find local businesses who will be happy to help you deliver a successful Father’s Day!

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