support Lakeland local businesses in 2 easy steps

“Shop Local” is a trend everyone has heard of. Instead of buying your hairbows at Wal-Mart, the “Shop Local” trend says to buy them at Sawdust & Rust. Instead of eating at Outback Steakhouse, eat at Chef T’s Garden Grill. Instead of sending your resume to Rita’s Staffing, send it to 1st Priority Staffing. You get the idea.

The biggest obstacle is re-training your mind to “Shop Local”. We are all creatures of habit, and Wal-Mart is our biggest habit. Wal-Mart has it all, and they have the best prices! It’s such an obvious choice on the surface. But dig a little deeper, and you will start to think twice.

Buying a good or service from a local business owner directly helps a local family. Driving to an extra store and spending a little more money is not that big of an inconvenience when you know you are making a difference. The entrepreneur has put it all on the line hoping his community will find value in his product or service. It always makes me smile inside when the owner of a business thanks me for my purchase. I know my extra planning helps this entrepreneur stay in business and provide for their family!

Why should we care if we have local businesses in Lakeland?


The entrepreneurs behind the local businesses live in your community, send their kids to schools in your community, and enjoy the parks and outdoors in your community - unlike the big wigs of the big box stores. The small business entrepreneur wants their community to prosper and are much more likely to not only donate to community outreach programs, but also participate in helping local causes and local residents.

Remember this blog next time you make your list for Wal-Mart and follow these simple tips:

  • Look at your list and determine what items could be purchased at local businesses.

  • Check out the Local Directory at to find local businesses all in one place.

  • Browse the categories and find the small businesses that provide the items on your list.

  • Type the items on your list into the search bar to easily find businesses that have what you need.

  • Remember to look in the Food & Beverage category and find a local joint to eat! Treat yo self with a meal made with love.

Be confident that each business on our list is locally owned. Their Business Ad not only tells you what they do, but it provides links to their website, menu, products page, services, and even their social media. You will also find contact information like address, phone number, email, and hours of operation. Find local businesses, check off your list, and feel good knowing you have made a difference!

Happy Shopping!

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