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Ekim's Place provides a fun & interesting website for the consumer searching for all things Lakeland! Our Local Directory features Lakeland-owned businesses so the consumer can feel confident they are truly shopping local! We also offer other directories including Community Outreach for local non-profits, Business Support for entrepreneurs, and coming soon we will have local news and events!

Our Story

Mike and I met in 2016 and quickly fell in love. We also quickly found we both cared deeply about family and community. We wanted to do something to make this world a little better, a little brighter.

We took 3 months and wrote a business plan for a fast-casual restaurant with a mission to serve great food fast, make families happy, and do some good in the community.

In February 2020 we were turned down for a business loan to open our dream restaurant. Then, the world stopped the next month.

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Our Services

At Ekim's Place, we believe we are stronger together. Our whole business is built on the idea of helping to expose Lakeland-owned businesses, the entrepreneurs, and the vast network of community and supportive organizations. Ekim's Place provides the space for consumers to find what they are looking for in a few clicks, and for local businesses to advertise without the big shadow of Wal-Mart looming overhead.

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Ekim's Place, LLC

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