BRIDGE Local - Engaging Local Business Communities

You might know BRIDGE Local by it’s original name: Lakeland Business Leaders. Lakeland Business Leaders was established in 2010 by Chrissanne Long and Craig Hosking before it was rebranded to BRIDGE Local in 2019. Originally, Lakeland Business Leaders was created to help businesses in the Lakeland area connect to customers who are looking for local solutions in real time.

After years of serving the beloved small business community in this way, Lakeland Business Leaders grew and a new way of serving was discovered–a way to bridge the gaps. While our values remained the same, we quickly discovered that there were more valuable and efficient ways that we could serve our members. Our mission became centered around more tightly connecting all of the resources available to local businesses, local consumers, and our community as a whole.

A rising tide lifts all ships, and we’re raising the tide, one positive connection at a time.

Visit to learn how to join their growing network of local entrepreneurs.

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