Ekim's Top Picks Marketing Collection


Are you looking for a creative way to connect with your consumers and find new ones? Ekim's Top Picks is just for you!

We will interview the owner(s) of the small business and find out all the fun stories that make them unique! The interview will be turned into a blog post telling your distinctive, individual and most times quirky story!

Consumers who know the owners are much more likely to shop at their store or use their services - even if it is a little farther away or cost a little bit more.

Contact us today and share your story with old and new consumers!

Interview is posted to the website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


  • Free access with all plans

  • Interview of the owner to highlight the business 

  • Made into a blog & posted on social media

  • Additional backlink opportunities

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Questions or Concerns?

Email: ekimsplace@gmail.com

Call: (863) 445-4902

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