Krazy Kombucha

It’s a Krazy Kombucha Life!

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea that improves gut health. We ferment in glass fermenters and use only the highest quality organic fruits to flavor our Boocha.

Krazy Kombucha crafts a refreshing, fizzy beverage that tastes amazing with many health benefits. Made with organic teas, cane sugar, fruits and herbs that invigorate the body. Also pairs well with beer, wine & spirits. Kombucha adds a healthy kick to your mock-tail or cocktail. 

Find us at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers market every Saturday.

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Krazy Kombucha Flavors

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It's more than Kombucha, It's LIFE!

Kombucha is a Live Probiotic Tea! Drink regularly and it can build a healthy gut biome. Good-Bye...bloating, gas and indigestion!

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1030 South Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33803

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