Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency

The Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency was created in 1977 to help stimulate development and to address blighted conditions and disinvestment in the core of the city.

Under the guidance of the City Commission, the Lakeland Community Redevelopment Agency (LCRA) works with businesses, developers, and property owners in the Dixieland, Downtown and Midtown redevelopment districts to improve the quality of life for residents.

Interventions that are typical include: planning, regulatory changes, capital improvements, land assembly and program development. All tools utilized are intended to stimulate private investment.

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We are growing businesses and rebuilding neighborhoods, while trying to break the mold of how you view government work.

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228 S. Massachusetts Ave. Lakeland, Florida 33801

Redevelopments Incentives:

Downtown, Dixieland, Midtown, Art Infusion Grant

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