Lovely Paws ~ Lakeland's Luxury Cat Groomer

Lovely Paws is Lakeland's premier choice for expert cat grooming, either at a cat-exclusive salon or in the comfort of your own home.

Sharp nails? Shedding hair? Greasy coat? Mats?

Lovely Paws can help!

I am a Certified Feline Master Groomer, trained in fear-free techniques, and committed to using the highest quality products available.

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Lovely Paws Pricing

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Cat grooming includes a minimum of two baths with cat-specific degreasing shampoo, a warm fluff dry, full comb out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, eyes wiped, and a photoshoot.

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(386) 218-8542

Feline Services ~ Salon & House Calls

Cat Cleanse, Clip, Lion Cut, Comb Cut/Teddy, Belly Shave, Rounded Head/Mane, Toe-Tuft, Coat Condition, Pelt Removal, Pawdicure, Knotting/Clumping, Matting and more.

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