Patriot Craft Coffee

The local farmer’s market is where it all began, and where the heart of our coffee lives.

In March 2015, our founder Chris McArthur rolled his hand-built cart onto Kentucky Ave in Downtown Lakeland, FL on a mission to make his community fall in love with a completely different approach to coffee.

These were no ordinary coffee beans. Chris had carefully selected single origin coffees of outstanding quality and roasted them in a way that brought forward the coffee’s nuance. Understanding that each coffee is unique, his roasting approach was tailored to bring out unique tasting notes like blueberry, citrus, toffee, chocolate, mulling spice and more. He sold out of bags of whole bean coffee in a little over an hour.

Our small batch, craft approach continues to be the key to delivering the responsibly sourced, quality coffees we are known for.

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In addition to purchasing online, you can find bags of Patriot Coffee at your favorite local retailer, or brewed cups at specialty cafes throughout central Florida.

Remember, when you support small business, your dollar goes further in your community.

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1117 S. Florida Ave, Ste 105 Lakeland, FL 33803

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