Vitality Farms Company - Providing Vegetable Confetti to the Everyday Consumer

Vitality Farms Company is determined to change the way the world eats vegetables! We believe that children should have an ample supply of nutrients at their fingertips.

Our promise is that with our products and knowledge we will serve the youth and help them learn how to eat vegetables that are locally grown. Our promise articulates how we deliver on our mission and reflects the value of the proposition we offer customers.

Our values reflect the spirit with which we work to fulfill our promise. We value hard work, tenacity, and the ability to just get it done!

We offer knowledge about things we have learned on this entrepreneur development, we try to provide skills, and tangibles that can launch start-ups into scalable endeavors.

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We sell fresh microgreens, innovative GIY kits teaching everyone how to grow their own food, and a revolutionary salt made up of all the most nutritious greens and presented in a way that everyone enjoys eating.

Phone #: (863) 660-8424


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